Nason is our bad a** bookkeeper and HR specialist – They have been a supporter of RR since the very beginning days. They joined our team on a permanent basis in 2016. We are so grateful for their attention to detail, high level of accuracy, passion for data integrity, and a deep dedication to Repair Revolution’s mission. Beyond their book keeping badassery, they are constantly thinking about how to improve systems to ensure a successful revolution. Nason’s dream car since they were little was always a Chevy Nova SS. This car is very nostalgic for them since they were born in 1970 in small town in Ohio and grew up with lots of them around. Nason’s sister had a beat up crappy brown Nova that Nason always wished they could transform into an awesome muscle car. Since becoming a recent parent, Nason now day dreams about a tricked out camper van so they can road trip all the time. Nason loves hanging with family and friends outdoors, preferably near water like lake Washington or the ocean. Nason is also an avid birder so they are always looking to the sky.