Eli started his career in the nonprofit sector focusing on supporting families experiencing houselessness and economic hardship. Eli also worked in domestic violence intervention. After several years in this field Eli decided to shift gears back to his passion for cars. Eli went back to school to get a degree in Automotive Science and became a Certified Mechanic.

After several years of hard work and rejection as a queer person working in a highly misogynistic and patriarchal industry Eli decided to open his own repair shop, Repair Revolution. Repair Revolution disrupts the automotive repair industry as an unapologetic feminist and LGBTQ+ owned and operated business in Seattle since 2012. Repair Revolution is a community driven business with a social justice heart that aims to educate and empower customers. This business has also created an opportunity for woman and LGBTQ+ mechanics to have a safe place to work that honors their identity. Eli has also served on several nonprofit Board of Directors and advisory boards and enjoys volunteering to support small business and queer community whenever possible.

Top takeaways:

1️⃣  Cars are a critical (& often overlooked) component of social justice.

2️⃣  Telling your story is a way to show other people what’s possible.

3️⃣  As a mission- driven business, you’ll probably need set some uncomfortable boundaries.

4️⃣  If you’re goal is to create change, your values should guide every piece of your business.


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