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Seattle Met

MISSION DRIVEN The SoDo Shop That Demystifies Auto Repair for Everyone How queer-owned Repair Revolution centers community empowerment. By Lindsay Lee Wallace  June 24, 2024 IF YOU STOP BY REPAIR REVOLUTION IN SODO, you’ll notice many classic hallmarks of an auto repair shop: music blasting, folks in coveralls, and car parts doubling

Ratchet+Wrench Magazine

I am the Industry See Original Article Here Three industry professionals tackle the idea of diversity and how the auto care industry benefits most with a more inclusive workforce. Within the pages of the 2022 Ratchet+Wrench Industry Survey is an answer to the question of gender.

Google Pride Project

Google featured us as part of a project that celebrates inclusive spaces. This project is so great and we feel lucky to have been a part of it. Follow this link 

Featured on NBC NEWS

This was a feature on NBC NEWS May 30, 2021 Click Here for Original Article Meet the queer mechanics working to repair a 'toxic industry' Three LGBTQ auto shop owners tell NBC News how their businesses offer a transparent, accessible and welcoming alternative to the status quo. El Scherker of

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