Eli Allison has been in the automotive industry for over a decade Since 2006 – Eli founded Repair Revolution in 2012.  A childhood passion for cars coupled with an internal drive towards social justice and advocating for the disenfranchised manifests itself as Repair Revolution.

Eli started their adult career in the nonprofit sector becoming a teacher, mentor and administrator for non-profits focusing on homeless and low-income families in addition to working in domestic violence prevention. After years in this field Eli decided to shift gears back to his childhood passion for cars, bringing his social justice experience along with him. Working tirelessly Eli received a degree in automotive science and worked as a Volkswagen certified technician for 3 years. He also became ASE certified, and a certified Washington state emission’s Specialist. After several years of education, hard work and rejection as a queer person working in a highly misogynistic and patriarchal industry Eli was inspired to open Repair Revolution.

Through transparency and education Eli empowers customers and technicians alike. By shedding light on the myth and mystery surrounding car repair and shifting the customers experience from feeling confused and mislead into one that feels empowering and fun. Eli has also been able to create opportunity for woman and queer people, who have experience and passion in the field but had little or no place to apply their expertise. Repair Revolution is business with a social justice heart that aims to educate and empower with integrity. Shifting the paradigm completely Eli works diligently to repair the experience between customer and technician.

Eli has many dream vehicles. One is his motorcycle which is a 1976 Honda CB360T. They would love to someday own a 1959 Cadillac and again own the car he had when he was 16, a 1978 Trans AM.