Air Conditioning Diagnosis & Repair

We offer comprehensive A/C service and repair. If you are experiencing issues with your air conditioning we can get you scheduled for an A/C service which starts with our A/C certified technicians evacuating the A/C system to determine how much refrigerant is in the system. We then apply a vacuum to the system and perform an inspection to see if any system leaks are detected. If no leaks are detected, we recharge the system with the proper levels of refrigerant and replace the schrader valves on the A/C service ports. If we diagnose A/C system leaks or other components failure on your vehicle, we will put together an estimate for further repairs and contact you with the cost and time estimate to find out if you want to proceed with repairs.

A/C vent cleaning service: As refrigerant evaporates inside the evaporator core, it cools and removes heat from the air which introduces cool air into the passenger compartment. This process causes condensation/moisture to form which creates a perfect environment for bacteria to grow and this causes odors in the vents. Since removing the evaporator core for manual cleaning would involve dash removal and many labor hours, another cleaning system has been developed. There are two different options for cleaning your vehicles vents. One is a chemical that is introduced into the vents to clean the evaporator with an aerosol container. This chemical attaches to the evaporator and kills harmful bacteria and odors. The other service is less invasive and considered to be more of regular maintenance item. During your vehicles cabin air filter replacement service, a chemical is introduced into the vents of your vehicle that kills mold and bacteria build up in the HVAC system as the system cycles. This service is highly recommended for allergy sufferers. * Please call Repair Revolution’s Service Advisor team for more information or to schedule an appointment.

*Most vehicle manufacturers recommend cabin air filter replacement every 15,000 miles. This interval can be more or less frequent depending on dust, pollen and smoke in your environment.