Axle and Driveline

Both axles and drivelines are used to transmit mechanical power from one point to another. Drivelines send torque from the transmission to the axles. The driveline is required to operate in constantly changing angles from the input shaft to the output shaft. This is achieved by using something called a universal joint or a u joint. These components are wear items and the most common cause of driveline noise. Some u-joints require regular maintenance by installing fresh grease at oil change intervals. Repair Revolution greases u-joint fittings if equipped, as part of every oil change service.

The most common type of axle is called a constant velocity or CV Axle joint. The CV axle transmits power from the transmission to the wheels at a variety of angles. The CV joint is lubricated with heavy grease and is covered with a boot that looks like and accordion, allowing it to expand and contract with the axle movement. Like most rubber components on our vehicles, these boots become worn over time and develop cracks or tears which causes the grease to leak out and water or other road debris to contaminate the joint. This will eventually cause the joint to overheat and cause a clicking sound when turning. Repair Revolution inspects your vehicle’s CV axles during every oil change service and during our comprehensive inspection service. If we find issues with any of these components we will provide you with pictures and notes in your digital inspection report.