Brake Fluid Flush

Time and mileage alone are not the best indicator of fluid depletion or the breakdown of additive packages and sludge build up. Many variables related to how the vehicle is driven and the environment can affect fluids, so it must be scientifically analyzed to accurately know the fluid condition.

Brake fluid explanation:

Brake fluid is used in your brake system to multiply the stopping force to the wheels when input is received from the driver pressing the brake pedal. This fluid is exposed to very high temperatures that are created when the friction material of the brake pads stops the wheels. Because brake fluid must perform under these volatile conditions, it is important to ensure it is clean and able to maintain a high boiling point.

Brake fluid is a hygroscopic fluid, which means it absorbs moisture from the air. When the moisture content of the brake fluid is increased, the boiling point of the fluid lowers causing decreased brake performance. Brake fluid also becomes contaminated with copper when the anti-corrosion and additive packages in the fluid are degraded. There is a copper alloy used to coat the inside of brake lines. The brake fluid dissolves it from the interior of the brake lines and suspends it in the fluid.

In the Pacific Northwest it is recommended to perform this service at least every 24 months due to the amount of moisture in our climate.                         

The features of Repair Revolution’s brake fluid service:

Our brake fluid service involves testing the fluid for copper corrosion levels and additive package breakdown using scientifically proven chromatographic technology to analyze the fluid condition. We will completely remove the old fluid from the master cylinder and manually clean the sludge from the reservoir. We will remove the old fluid from each hydraulic component at the 4 wheels of the vehicle using the manufacture’s recommended bleeding procedure. After the service is complete and new fluid is installed we will road test the vehicle to test brake performance and re-test the fluid to ensure it has been restored to optimal performance.

The benefits of Repair Revolution’s brake fluid service:

  1. Keep your brakes performing optimally
  2. Protect the internal components of the ABS system. Sludge and high copper corrosion can damage ABS systems and affect performance in an emergency stopping situation. Keeping this vital fluid clean also helps prevent having to replace extremely expensive ABS control units.
  3. Whenever fluids become corroded and acidic, they can eat through rubber seals and cause leaks and damage. Because the brake system relies on hydraulic pressure to multiply braking force, any leak in the system can cause brake failure.
  4. Avoid costly repairs when hydraulic brake components are damaged