Differential Fluid Service

Time and mileage alone are not the best indicator of fluid depletion or the breakdown of additive packages and varnish build up. Many variables related to how the vehicle is driven and the environment can affect fluids, so it must be scientifically analyzed to accurately know the fluid condition.

Driveline/Differential fluid service explanation:

Differential fluid acts as a lubricant for all the moving parts inside your vehicle’s axle housing. It also helps keep these internal components cool. It is much thicker than engine oil and is designed to provide protection under the high-pressure conditions of the differential gears mating and rotating together. The main purpose of the differential is to help make turning smooth and to distribute power from the vehicle’s transmission. It provides this power while simultaneously allows the wheels to turn at different speeds. If one wheel is turning slower than the other when turning, the differential will keep driving the other wheel to prevent skidding or binding

Most manufactures recommend servicing the differential fluid every 30,000-60,000 miles. If the vehicle does a lot of towing, off-roading or is often loaded down with cargo, the required maintenance interval may increase.

The features of our driveline/differential fluid service:

Repair Revolution’s differential service involves testing the fluid for contamination and additive package breakdown using scientifically proven chromatographic technology to analyze the fluid condition.  We then remove all the old gear lube and debris from the system and reseal the differential cover when applicable. The component is then refilled with fresh gear lube and limited slip additive when required by the manufacturer. New fluid keeps the bearings and gears free of varnish and deposits.

After the new fluid is installed we will road test the vehicle to test performance and we will re-test the fluid to ensure it has been restored to optimal performance.

The benefits of our driveline/differential fluid service:

Servicing the differential fluid provides smoother and quieter operation of drive-line components. New fluid can eliminate slips and the popping noise associated with limited slip differentials and will increase the life of the differential and gear boxes.