Fluid Flushes

Time and mileage alone are not the best indicator of fluid depletion or the breakdown of additive packages and sludge build up. Many variables related to how the vehicle is driven and the environment can affect fluids, so it must be scientifically analyzed to accurately know the fluid condition. Most shops only do a visual inspection of fluids which can lead to inaccurate recommendations. We perform fluid testing using scientifically proven chromatographic technology to analyze the fluid condition for additive break down. Additionally, we use litmus strips to test the PH and water content of the coolant and the copper corrosion levels in your brake fluid. We will also provide you with pictures of the fluids we found in your vehicle on our digital inspection report.

In general, all fluids become acidic and corrosive over time and can damage seals and gaskets, which can cause expensive system repairs. Performing regular fluid maintenance prevents more expensive repairs down the road. See our specific fluid services to find out more about the features and benefits of having your fluids serviced at Repair Revolution.