Power Steering Fluid Flush

Time and mileage alone are not the best indicator of fluid depletion or the breakdown of additive packages and sludge build up. Many variables related to how the vehicle is driven and the environment can affect fluids, so it must be scientifically analyzed to accurately know the fluid condition.

Power steering fluid explanation:

In a power steering system, hydraulic fluid is pressurized by the power steering pump to multiply the force of power to the wheels when steering. This makes steering easier for the driver. Overtime, this fluid becomes contaminated due to internal system components wearing and hoses breaking down which gives the fluid a darker color and makes it less effective at lubricating the system properly. Just like all vehicle fluids, when this fluid becomes contaminated, it is corrosive and acidic. Corrosive fluid cause seals to break down and eventually leak.

Once power steering fluid is past its useful life, the fluid starts to suspend contaminants and circulate them throughout the system. The power steering system is one of the few systems that is not filtered in most vehicles.

If a whining or moaning noise when you turn the steering wheel, has already developed, servicing the fluid may help, but internal pump damage may already have occurred and ultimately the pump may require replacement.

The features of Repair Revolution’s power steering fluid service:

Repair Revolution’s power steering service involves testing the fluid for contamination and additive package breakdown using scientifically proven chromatographic technology to analyze the fluid condition. We will completely remove the old fluid from the reservoir and manually clean the sludge. We then run a cleaning chemical through the system to remove harmful power steering system deposits and impurities. The chemical will clean gum and varnish from the steering unit. Old oxidized fluid is replaced with new fluid and we add a system conditioner which reconditions system seals.

After the service is complete and new fluid is installed we will road test the vehicle to test steering performance and re-test the fluid to ensure it has been restored to optimal performance. In some cases, if the fluid is severely contaminated, the fluid flush may have to be performed again if it fails a analysis test after the service.

The benefits of Repair Revolution’s power steering fluid service:

This service restores power steering system performance, conditioning and revitalizing power steering system seals, reducing wear and noise, helps postpone or eliminate the need to replace power steering components, prevents internal power steering fluid leakage from developing, extends the life of power steering components. This service can also correct hard or erratic steering. Servicing the power steering fluid regularly will prevent expensive power steering pump or steering rack repairs.